The New 'Transformers' Bumblebee Was Just Caught In The Wild


Movie star cars have to look good for movies too, but is this too much?

The year 2007 was almost a decade ago (let that sink in), which means it’s been almost 10 years since "Transformers" came out and indulged our fantasy of a boy and his car saving the world and getting the girl. The fifth Transformers movie is on its way and the new Bumblebee has already made an appearance on Cartownhack. The problem is that nobody has seen the car’s backside, at least until Instagram user @Stroker965 found Bumblebee on a flatbed. Until now all we’ve seen is .

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Luckily, our updated Bumblebee will come to theaters looking aggressive enough to take on evil robots or Mustangs hell-bent on crashing into crowds. The problem is, Bumblebee’s drag strip competitors won’t see his face, only the rear taillights. As we can see here, those have followed the trend set by the front end, gaining some heavy black accents that contrast with the eye-popping yellow paint job. A quad exhaust can be seen camouflaged by the lower end while the massive rear wing will probably serve to turn heads on screen instead of keeping the rear wheels planted. Mark Wahlberg will pilot this Camaro when it hits theaters in June of 2017. Hopefully the car looks this good .


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