The New Lexus LX Would Be F-ing Hot As The LX F


Who thought that grille could be any more of a talking point?

Itwas only a couple of weeks ago that Lexus revealed the facelifted 2016 LX SUV,the company's flagship SUV which has never apologized for being big, bulky,and luxurious. But while other members of the Lexus family have, in recentyears, been given an F performance version, the LX never got its own F-brandedhigh-performance model. And with competitors, like the Mercedes-Benz GL,spawning hotter variants like the GL63 AMG, maybe it's time for Lexus to offeran F variant that could look a little something like this:

With the latest facelift, Lexus brought its current language to the topof its SUV ladder, adding the massive spindle grille that is now the centraldesign element on all of its cars. In this rendering, the grille becomes darkerand the SUV's ride height is lowered. It is given bigger wheels and brakes andlooks like it definitely could fit into the F family, albeit as its bulkiestmember. But what could power the LX F, when the new LX already makes use of the5.7-liter V8 that produces 383 hp and 403 lb-ft of torque? In the past, Lexus useda supercharger on a special edition of the LX designated solely for the Gulf States,offering 450 hp. Would that, and this design, be enough to make this a real Fmodel?

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