The Mercedes-AMG E63 AMG Black Series Is Totally Badass And We Want One

Spy Video

Please come to the U.S. Please come to the U.S.

Whenever Mercedes releases anything new with the words AMG in the title we sit up and listen. Add the Black Series label to that title and we get downright weak at the knees (). The German automaker has been caught testing its latest addition to the Black Series stable, the much anticipated AMG E63 Black Series Estate (wagon for us Americans). The development car was caught on camera testing on the German Autobahn in full camo garb.

Continuing with the assumption that this is indeed the Black Series and not a plain 'ol AMG, we can speculate somewhat on the performance figures. The AMG S version of the E63 is reported to produce just over 600 horsepower, meaning that the Black will likely produce more. Also of note is the width of the tires peeking out under the back of the car. They are wiiiiide. And wide means one thing in the performance car world. Grip. And grip leads to speed. And speed leads to fun. The fenders are also suspciously flared for a standard AMG model. Generally the AMG models, while featuring more expressive styling don't receive anything nearly as aggressive as what we see in the spy video.

We have yet to see a full-bore E-Class AMG model as Mercedes is still rolling out the normal E-Class models, so seeing the Black Series out testing is good news for petrolheads the world over.

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