The Grand Tour Season 3 Will Feature Three Old Italian Sports Cars

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Question is... which one will break first?

At the beginning of the month, we reported that Amazon's The Grand Tour would not be picked up for a fourth season. Though , it was inspired by speculation that budgets had gotten out of control and were unsustainable. For now, Jeremy Clarkson has posted a video on his showing off three cars that will be tested in The Grand Tour season three. It appears this will be one of the trio's infamous cheap car tests, and it will take place in Scotland.

Clarkson actually filmed a short video to show off the classic Italian sports cars, though you'll have to head over to DriveTribe to watch it. Clarkson chose an Alfa Romeo GTV6, James May a Lancia Gamma Coupe, and Richard Hammond a Fiat X1/9. The challenge in the film will be to see which one breaks down first. Clarkson claims that all three cars ran for the 500-mile journey without incident, but sources spotted Clarkson riding a bicycle while his Alfa Romeo sat on the back of a tow truck. Clarkson later posted a picture of his car sitting on a lift in a garage with the caption "Tragically, we have an answer."

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This could be a very interesting challenge for The Grand Tour, we just hope it doesn't appear too staged like the .