The First Bugatti Chiron Deliveries Have Taken Place


Three lucky customers will receive their Chirons imminently.

Almost a year to the day after , delivery of the first customer vehicles has taken place. Three models left Bugatti’s factory, or “Atelier,” at the company’s HQ in Molsheim, making their way to lucky owners in Europe and the Middle East. Finished in Turquoise Carbon, French Racing Blue / Atlantic Blue, and Argent / Nocturne, the trio of exclusive hypercars were waved goodbye by the 50 or so production, QA and logistics team members that work on each model that leaves the factory.

Up to 70 units are expected to leave the plant this year alone, 12 of which will be ready by the end of the first quarter. Bugatti .

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If you missed it, it’s definitely worth a read. Next week, at the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti will present a further customer model – – and we’ll be standing by to bring you the pictures the moment it’s unveiled.