The Chevrolet Tahoe Is The Big And Thirsty SUV We Can't Get Enough Of


And now it's nearly a luxury vehicle.

There was a time when SUVs, big and small, ruled America’s roads. Then the huge gas price surge happened and many industry watchers quickly began writing the SUV’s obituary. Oh man, they were so wrong, and the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe is proof. First launched way back in 1992, the Tahoe has have done (): give up its body-on-frame chassis in favor of unibody construction. Today’s .

Speaking of which, power comes from a 5.3-liter small block V8 with 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent to all four wheels through a six-speed automatic. Fuel economy? Not great, but it’s a real SUV after all, delivering a combined 18 miles per gallon.

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But what we really appreciated here is just how much Chevrolet has improved interior quality. Previous Tahoes (and Chevy’s) had cheap plastic fantastic interiors. Not anymore. The 2016 Tahoe LTZ, our tester, is more than luxurious enough inside and yet it’s ready to tackle some off-roading. Special thanks to for letting us film the car.



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