The Bugatti Chiron Will Steal The Show In The Grand Tour Episode Three

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This promises to be the best episode of The Grand Tour season two yet.

Season two of The Grand Tour is off to a solid start. The treated us to a comparison between the Lamborghini Avendator S, Honda NSX, and Rimac Concept One, but most will remember it for featuring . Featuring an old-school race between Clarkson in the new Ford GT and May and a handicapped Hammond on a passenger airplane, episode two felt more cohesive since the main film wasn’t disrupted by Hammond’s aforementioned accident.

It was a more successful attempt at recapturing the spirit of old Top Gear than some of the episodes in season one and also introduced us to Abbie Eaton, The Grand Tour’s .This week’s episode promises to be the best yet in season two. Why? Because it features the mind-bending 1479-hp Bugatti Chiron, in what should be a series highlight.

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Yes, we’ve already earlier this year, but it will be interesting to see if Clarkson rates it as highly as its predecessor, the Veyron, which he couldn’t stop gushing about in Top Gear back in 2005. A teaser video uploaded earlier this year by Michelin, the car’s tire supplier, even hinted that The Grand Tour could push the Chiron beyond its 261 mph road limit for the first time and hit over 280 mph. According to the episode preview, Clarkson will use the Chiron to embark on an epic road trip across Europe in an attempt to remake the cult classic 1976 film Rendezvous. That's not all we have to look forward to in episode three, either.

James May will race the new Kia Stinger GT against some skateboards in the Mediterranean island of Majorca, which again sounds like a classic Top Gear-style face-off. Hammond and May also invent a new car park racing sport to cure lunchtime boredom at the office. Celebrity Face Off will pit actor Hugh Bonneville against naturalist Casey Anderson to find the “world’s fastest person who lives with a bear”. So far, these segments have dragged a bit. Like the celebrity interviews in Top Gear, it all depends if there's any chemistry between the guests, but Clarkson's banter usually makes up for it.


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