The Black Paint Alone Costs $11k On The Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge


This is the Rolls-Royce for millennials? Supposedly.

Rolls-Royce is anxious to change its image, somewhat. For decades the iconic UK carmaker was known as a rich guy’s brand. More specifically, old rich guys. Today, however, Rolls-Royce is under BMW stewardship and it fully understands the need to attract younger buyers because, duh, they’ll be alive for longer at this point. Makes sense. In order to do that, Rolls-Royce had to make some styling and packaging changes to its lineup, and its coupe counterpart, the Wraith.

Meet the Black Badge, a package aimed specifically at rich millennials. Wait, there are rich millennials? Of course. Think Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the tech startup crowd. Billionaires, if you will.

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Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained was offered the chance to not only get behind the wheel of this ridiculously expensive sedan, but also to check out its many wild features, especially for rear seat passengers. Remember, a Rolls-Royce is one of the few cars out there that’s just as much fun to be back seat passenger in as it is to drive. And, of course, because this is Engineering Explained, Jason also explains some of the more interesting engineering details that us car nerds typically love. Oh, and get ready to hear . Yes, the black exterior paint alone costs nearly $11,000.