The Acura NSX Just Did Something That Almost No Supercar Can Do

Drag Race

Go toe to toe with the Tesla Model S in a drag race.

We'll be the first ones to admit that we of the second generation Acura NSX when it first came out. We didn't really care for the looks, nor did we enjoy the way it sounds. Last week, DragTimes filmed an NSX that and you all agreed that it made the car sound much better. If we trust the results of , the NSX isn't a particularly fast car in a drag race. However, DragTimes did promise that it would pit the NSX against the drag car king, the Tesla Model S P100D.

In the first race, the Tesla gets off to a nice lead, but the NSX is able to reel it in towards the end. At the quarter-mile mark, the NSX is just 0.107 seconds behind the Model S. This is closer than almost any other supercar has been able to get to the dominant Tesla.

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In the second race, the Acura gets a better reaction time than the Tesla and manages to do the unthinkable: actually win the race. That's right, the NSX is able to beat the Model S in the second race. The Acura was able to hit 60 mph in 2.98 seconds and finish the quarter-mile in 11.069 seconds at 124 mph. Before anyone claims that the Model S can go quicker than that, we have to point out that the car was only at 75% charge. However, it is unlikely that most Tesla drivers will be able to get their car to the drag strip with 100% charge and have a perfect launch on the first try. In the real world, it seems that the NSX is an extremely capable supercar and we have to give it huge credit.



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