The 2019 Volkswagen Golf Will Gain Power And A New Aerodynamic Body


Volkswagen can’t seem to stop raising the bar with this little car.

When Volkswagen makes changes to its existing lineup, it’s not out of line for the automaker to . Think the sort of gradual evolution that led to homo sapiens rather than a sudden overnight shift. That strategy seems to serve VW well, especially when it comes to cars that need little fixing—like the Golf. The little hatch is the best of all worlds, combining cargo/people-hauling and daily driving practicality that hardly anyone can beat, youthful styling that retains formality, fuel economy, and sportiness to keep its driver feeling young.

Germany’s claims the 2019 Volkswagen Golf will hitch a ride on the train of slow evolution and enhance its strong points using good engineering. Expect the new Golf to look different, weigh less, and be even more fuel efficient. In the battle of the bulge, the new Golf will gain a 50 kilogram (110 pound) advantage over its predecessor thanks to an evolved version of the MQB platform. Sporting fans will enjoy a wider stance and more power while the eco-conscious and performance-lovers alike will laud the improved aerodynamics and clever engines from the EA 211 evo family. Recruiting the Miller combustion cycle and turbochargers with variable turbine geometry, the Golf’s new engines will get more fuel economy and power.

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Mild hybrids and clean diesels will be on tap as well, but we suspect the latter of those will not make it to America. Though the e-Golf is expected to get the axe, Volkswagen’s I.D. lineup should have no trouble keeping the supply of EVs going. On the technological front, the new Golf will get adaptive cruise control, a heads-up display, and an improved infotainment system to go with a slew of added driver aids. The change that most of us will notice will be in the Golf’s body, which will adopt the squinty aerodynamic headlights and refined look of the rest of the current lineup to keep it current. Thankfully there's still plenty of time to work off that holiday weight before making a sprint to the Volkswagen dealership.



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