Tesla Teases Model Y Electric Crossover For Debut Next Year


Elon Musk says the smaller electric crossover will launch next March.

The Model S, Model X, and Model 3 are all in production. The on its way, and so is the . So what's next for Tesla? . The electric motor company just held its annual shareholders meeting last night. And among the new tidbits that came out of it was this first teaser for the forthcoming battery-powered crossover. revealed the image of the forthcoming smaller counterpart to the Model X and taller version of the Model 3, which ought to further extend its appeal.

Details are still few and far between. But CEO Elon Musk – who survived an attempt to remove him as chairman at the same meeting – revealed via Twitter that the finished product would be revealed in March of next year. When it does debut, we can expect similar powertain options and a slightly higher price point than the Model 3. For comparison's sake, the list price on a new Model X in base 75D spec comes in at $88,800, which comes out to $14,300 more than a similarly equipped Model S 75D ($74,500). The Model 3 is supposed to start at around $35k, though Tesla has yet to begin delivering those base-spec versions.

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So we might see the Model Y starting (at least theoretically) at around $42k – about half the price of the Model X – if Tesla can manage it. The bigger question is how Tesla intends to handle production of the additional model, seeing as how it's already struggling to produce the Model 3 at the rate it intends. The new truck, roadster, and crossover would double the company's lineup beyond the three models it currently offers.


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