Tesla Employee Passes Out At The Wheel While On Autopilot


No, this is not how driving on Autopilot should work.

There are some moments when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry because the semi-humorous situation at hand can potentially be dire. This might be one of them. A friend of YouTuber and Tesla owner Mike Cagulada filmed a Tesla employee fast asleep at the wheel of a Model S mobile service vehicle . Or perhaps this employee was unconscious for another reason? Who knows? What’s disturbing about this video, filmed early last week in Fremont, California, is that .

This means the driver must always be alert and ready to take control of the vehicle at any moment. Heck, even Tesla makes this clear in the Autopilot user manual.

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Autopilot also has a new feature, the just released Autosteer, which steers the car to remain in the chosen lane. But it is not level 5 autonomous driving by any means, hence the concern this videos brings. According to the video, the employee’s head does not appear to be resting on the steering wheel itself. Is it possible this employee is not asleep but instead is having a medical emergency? Absolutely. Hopefully Tesla will see this video and conduct a proper investigation.




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