Tesla Announces A Timeline For A Pickup Truck And Semi Truck Debut


The latter of the two is the one you want to worry about if you’re reading this while on break at a truck stop.

Even with the Model 3 having a set timespan of when Tesla will likely release it, preorder holders are still not entirely sure when they can actually expect to receive their cars. It’s not that Elon Musk is a liar, it’s just that the CEO seems to have a habit of biting off slightly more than he can chew and having that translate to delays. Because of this, the CEO’s bold claims for the future are taken with a few grains of salt, but his latest spate of good luck could indicate otherwise.

Just after releasing a report detailing how the automaker , Tesla’s stock shot through the roof, eventually landing it the for a short amount of time. With that kind of confidence coursing through Musk, he took the time to announce the due date of another once vague pet project: the Tesla truck and Semi truck. Musk announced progress on the semi truck via , saying, “Tesla Semi truck unveil set for September. Team has done an amazing job. Seriously next level.” He later clarified and mentioned that the pickup truck would be unveiled in 18 to 24 months while a Roadster convertible would be out as well.

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While the truck seems to be a vehicle proposed mainly to make a point to the world that any kind of vehicle on sale can be built as an electric car, the Tesla semi truck is a legitimate attempt by Musk to advance his crusade to change the world. An electric truck would revolutionize the transportation industry by eliminating both the burning of fossil fuels and, if a charging infrastructure complete with solar panels comes as a result, would drastically cut fuel costs. Unfortunately, if Tesla adapts its autopilot software to work with its semi truck, a strong possibility, such a truck could put an entire industry out of business. If this timeline proves to be accurate, this change could come much sooner than expected. Tesla truck rendering by .