Student Crashes Brand-New Ferrari 488 GTB Into Barbershop


Talk about a hair-raising experience!

The last time we reported on a Ferrari 488 GTB crash, . Today’s supercar smashup, however, is simply another case of an to keep his ride on the road. According to tipster and University of Illinois student Grant Tworek, plenty of sweet rides can be seen cruising around the college, but we’re guessing none are (or should we say ‘were’) as hot as the red 488.

Champaign-based outlet News-Gazette names the driver of the now-totaled Ferrari as 18-year-old Lima Shen, who according to Tworek only picked up his brand new ride a few weeks prior to the crash. Driving way too fast (obviously), the 488 collided with a 2017 Volvo while travelling north on South Neil Street, before jumping a curb, sliding along the grass for 100 yards and going airborne into Andy’s Barber Shop. Damaging a brick wall, taking out a brick column support and caving-in a window, the shop’s owner estimates at least $20,000 of damage, which will be the least of Shen’s worries given his $300,000 supercar was deemed a total loss. He was also ticketed for reckless driving and improper lane useage. Dumbass.

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Thankfully no-one was injured in the accident and the shop should be back open for business this week. Hat tip to Grant Tworek for the info and pics! The monied student may want to consider a blacked out 488 GTB for his next ride: