Still Lust After the El Camino? Ever Wanted An Australian Holden Ute? We Have Good News

Ford fans are still out of luck.

Vehicles like the late great Chevy El Camino are proof the vehicle type known in Australia as the “ute” can indeed sell in America. It is down under where GM now concentrates all its efforts in this arena, and even though there is platform sharing with Australian vehicles, Americans are still doing without a ute. Even though it would certainly be a niche vehicle, one would think that GM could bring a few over.

But there is a bit of good news. A company called Left Hand Utes in Denver, Colorado, is now importing Holden utes from Australia and converting them to left hand drive for use in the US. This is easier than it sounds, since platform sharing means GM OEM parts can be used. They offer a full range of Holden utes, including HSV (Holden Special Vehicles, Holden's performance division) variants like the 580-horsepower GTS Maloo. Prices start at a very reasonable $30,000, although you obviously cannot get a Maloo for that, those start at $85,000.

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