Spyker To Reveal Three New Models At LA Auto Show


And here's how the SUV "on steroids" might look.

Last March at Geneva, boutique supercar builder , which shortly thereafter had its American debut at New York. As with all previous Spykers, the C8 Preliator is a showcase of fine and somewhat insane craftsmanship, especially the interior. Needless to say, we’re big fans of it and there’s more to come from the Dutch brand. Like a four-door. , who brought to light some very interesting things.

Specifically, a C8 Preliator Spider is on the way as well as special editions. All told, 150 new C8s will be built. But this year’s LA Auto Show looks to be the venue where Spyker could expand its lineup even further with said four-door. Mr. Muller was vague on details at the time of our conversation and a follow-up question to his PR man last week was answered by saying to wait until LA this November. Fortunately Mr. Muller previously revealed to us that we can think of this four-door Spyker as "a C8 Preliator on steroids." Pressed further, we asked if this was a follow-up to 2006’s D12 Peking-to-Paris SUV. Muller’s reply couldn’t be clearer: "That would be a very good guess."

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But perhaps the even bigger Spyker LA news could be the reveal and/or announcement of a model utilizing electric propulsion as part of Spyker’s partnership with Volta Volare. Oh, and , too. Who will provide said V12? Spyker hasn't revealed who'll that be just yet. Chances are that only the four-door SUV will be announced (or better yet, shown) at LA, but given Spyker's desire to expand its lineup at a fairly rapid pace we wouldn't be surprised if it arrives at the show with all guns blazing in the shape of potentially three new models. We’ll hopefully have our answer and much more this November at LA.


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