Singer Reveals Latest Porsche 911 Recreation

Sports Car

This retro remake has Mulholland Drive etched into its very fiber

has made quite a name for themselves in recent years by creating some of the most exquisite 911 restomods in the business. Air-cooled 911s are highly desirable even in standard form and the interchangeability of parts across most earlier generations has meant that modified Porsches have always been part of the automotive landscape. What makes Singer unique is that it has introduced a level of design and engineering brilliance that makes its creations into mobile works of art.

Each car is a labor of love that enhances the essence of what the 911 experience is all about. One of its latest projects is the Mulholland Drive car. At first the dark blue bodywork looks as if it has been covered in random lines but they are in fact a topographical map of Los Angeles’ famous Mulholland Drive. The car was also inspired by the late-night racers who used to frequent this piece of road in the ‘60s. Design touches like the hood-mounted Cibie-style rally spotlights and mini-lite alloy wheels have shades of rallying 911s from the ‘60s and ‘70s about them. The extended fixed rear wing is also quite different from most other Singer creations and gives the rear end a purposeful and unique silhouette.

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The interior shots show a number of bespoke touches such as the minimalist door cards with fabric door pulls a small diameter steering wheel and racing bucket seats. Judging from the dashboard design the Mullholland car looks to have been based on an early ‘90s . Technical details are not yet available but the tailpipes and engine shots indicate that one of Singer’s own 3.8 or 4.0-liter is installed. In top-spec they can produce up to 500-hp and that is surely what this car’s new owner would want when tackling a mountain pass in this racer for the road.



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