Seriously?! The 2018 Transformers Movie Will Be A Bumblebee Spin-Off Starring A Camaro


Well, a Camaro/robot sort of thing.

Turns out Hollywood is pretty much running out of creative original ideas for blockbusters. There are, sadly, but now it’s being reported that the "Transformers" franchise is set to continue for years to come. How so? Spin-off films. Oh, don’t worry. There’ll still be Transformers 5 and 6. But sandwiched in between them, according to, will be a Bumblebee spin-off movie.

Set to debut in theaters on June 8, 2018, the so far untitled Bumblebee movie will be in ticket competition with the upcoming "Godzilla" sequel. Whether the Bumblebee stand-alone film Camaro that’s also a robot remains unknown, but don’t at all be surprised to see this develop into a separate franchise if box office sales are solid. So there we have it. Lots of new "Transformers" movies to come. A Camaro will be the star of at least one of them. But hey, at least they’re not milking Star Wars. Oh, wait...

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