Rich Dude Gives LaFerrari Extreme Carbon Fiber Makeover


In the rarefied world of supercar ownership, standing out from the crowd isn't easy.

With , the LaFerrari is already an extremely rare sight on the road. But one owner wanted theirs to stand out from the crowd, so they enlisted aftermarket specialist RevoZport to develop an aerodynamic body kit with an assortment of carbon fiber add-ons. As a result, this road-going LaFerrari looks as aggressive as the track-only FXX K Evo. Dubbed the LaFerrari Revoluzion, the one-off project was developed for a wealthy client from the Middle East.

The extreme carbon fiber makeover isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but they also improve the hypercar’s performance. According to RevoZport, the new parts help boost the LaFerrari’s aero by increasing downforce and reducing drag. Bigger intakes also help the naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine breathe easier. There’s also a massive rear wing that looks like it should belong on a race car, while the louvers covering the rear glass hark back to the F40.

There’s no word how much this one-off project cost the owner, but they undoubtedly would have paid an absolute fortune. Not that it was probably any concern, considering the LaFerrari had a price tag of around $1.4 million when it was brand new.

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As impressive as the LaFerrari Revoluzion is, Ferrari has also produced its own one-off commissions such as the and the last year. No modifications were made to the powerplant, but if you need a refresher, the LaFerrari is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 and two electric motors that produce a combined 950 hp and 664 lb-ft.