Renown Auto Style Takes on the Lamborghini Gallardo


Renown Auto Style's interpretation of the Lamborghini Gallardo is set to make its official debut this week at SEMA.

Renown Auto Style is making their official debut at SEMA this week with their interpretation of the always awesome Lamborghini Gallardo. According to the company's owner and founder, he wanted to launch his brand with the Italian supercar because he shares Lamborghini's belief in building beautiful and powerful machines. Calling it the R70, they saw this as a great opportunity to update the car and to add some of their own touches at the same time.

But unlike the numerous other Gallardo tuning kits we've seen, Renown Auto Style seems to have gone above and beyond the typical bolt-on accessories. While respecting the Gallardo's already graceful lines, the tuner went to work by designing unique bumpers from scratch. And due to the car's radiators being on the sides and not in the middle, the sides protrude further out, which in turn forced them to change the design of the bumper and grilles. The same was also done for the rear bumper, as they simply couldn't use an OEM bumper. All told, the Renown Gallardo features an updated front, sides, rear bumper, rear wing, and unique wheels.

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Most importantly, however, Renown didn't want to copy what other tuners have already done, so the extra design work has helped to really make their Gallardo even more special. In addition to the customization work, all of the composite technology and manufacturing is proudly done in the U.S. Their Gallardo will be showcased at this year's SEMA show and Renown will also be unveiling something new later this month at the LA Auto Show.