Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Will Be Green Lit Along With Your Inner Spice Girl


Clearly everyone is anxious to buy one. Aren't you?

An official announcement is expected to come soon, although most of you won’t be all that excited to hear it. Early last month there was a rumor that Land Rover of giving the production green light to a Range Rover Evoque cabrio. Apparently hair dressers and ex-Spice Girls have been lobbying the automaker to build it for some time now. All jokes aside, the Evoque Cabrio first premiered as a concept back in 2012 at Geneva.

It was received well enough but there was something about it that wasn’t all that, well, Range Rover-like. Call it too feminine or even a rich hairdresser’s car, but the company must clearly believe there’s money to be made here. According to AutoExpress, a soft-top Evoque will receive approval anytime. It could possibly even be ready to premiere this June at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Expect the production version to be a near clone of the concept, for better or worse. To comfort many fans, we also hear that a high-performance Evoque is also on its way. Let’s hope it keeps its top on.

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