Porsche 911 GT3 RS Driver Miraculously Escapes Massive Crash


There may be no speed limits on the Isle of Man but the laws of nature still apply.

The Isle of Man is most famous for the annual Tourist Trophy motorcycle race held there each year. Skilled riders reach insane speeds along the islands narrow and winding roads, where inevitably s happen. When not hosting the TT, the island sees its fair share of motoring enthusiasts enjoying its roads, such as owners of high-powered exotics like this mangled wreck of a 911 you see here. According to reports, it seems as if its driver was pushing a bit too hard along a two-lane road and ended up driving up a large embankment.

The car then rolled along a local farmers field ending up on its roof in a very sorry looking state after somersaulting for 420 ft. Thankfully the driver, who was reportedly the only person in the car, did not suffer any serious injuries. The 991 however suffered a slightly different fate, its naturally aspirated flat-six engine had clearly aspirated its last breath as it sat a few yards away from the rear of the car it had only moments earlier been firmly attached to. One of the rear tires looks to have very worn out tread in its center which could well have happened during the as the car slid along the road, but without any further facts available regarding the incident we can only speculate.

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The bodywork was comprehensively beaten up too, only the cockpit section seems to have remained in the approximate shape that it had left the factory in. Surely a key factor in the driver not sustaining more serious injuries. The bits of wreckage that were strewn across the field were cleared up by the family and friends of the driver to make sure no animals came to any harm. To balance out the upsetting car carnage images we have added some pics of a brand new too.