Now That The Defender Is Gone, Kahn Wants To Modify The Jeep Wrangler


Will we get a Wrangler 6x6?

When Land Rover decided to end production of the Defender this year, mayhem ensued. Fans were devastated, collectors quickly drove the price of the off-roaders to the sky, like the value-gaining hunks of metal that they are, and custom car builders that specialized in modifying them panicked. Kahn is one such manufacturer, and the fact that the SUV it used as a base car will be taking a break to undergo its first major update is a terrible thing for Kahn's bottom line.

It has prided itself on building custom Defenders like the or the to make its bread and butter, so the Defender hiatus will spell financial disaster unless it can pull off some clever moves. To save itself, Kahn will do just that and start focusing on the Jeep Wrangler. The British tuning house has built Wranglers before, but only 500 of the Jeeps are sold in the UK per year, making it far-fetched to expect large returns on custom versions of the SUV with the UK market. That’s why Kahn’s sub brand Chelsea Truck Company will be shifting its focus to the Americas where it has the opportunity to earn a living customizing a few of the 160,000 Jeep Wranglers that are sold here each year.

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A Kahn spokesperson told Autocar, “We’ve just launched a wide-body styling package for the Jeep Wrangler, and we’re looking for that car to take over where the Defender finished.” There’s no word on whether it will focus on a 6x6 version of the Wrangler, but the extra dough should help the company stay afloat until the new Defender comes out in 2018. Kahn also delved into talk about an EV option for the SUV. “We’ve got other programs in the stages of research and development at the moment,” said the spokesperson. “Provided that we get through those evaluation stages, I’d like to think that we’ll have something on the market within 12 months.” Until then, we’ll be happy with some epic custom Wranglers .


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