Nissan's Nismo Expansion May Also Include Trucks Specifically For The US


Who would say no to this?

Last week, Nissan’s performance division, Nismo, in an effort to copy the very successful model BMW M figured out long ago. Obviously about this, and we’re excited to see what exactly Nismo has planned. But aside from the expected (and already existing) high-performance versions of the GT-R, 370Z, Juke and Sentra, reports that some additional segments will receive the Nismo treatment as part of that expansion.

Although Nismo hasn’t made an official announcement yet, it’s seriously looking at doing a performance pickup truck with US buyers in mind specifically. It also hasn’t ruled out offerings like crossovers and – get this – minivans. These additional Nismo-branded vehicles could be a huge help in achieving Nissan's goal of increasing Nismo sales to 100,000 units in the early 2020s. In 2016, only 15,000 Nismo-branded units were sold. By 2022, Nissan wants to double Nismo sales, and the Japanese automaker knows that the US and European markets are essential for making that happen.

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Adding new body styles to the lineup, specifically a truck for the US, will play a major role. But for now, Nissan is in the midst of launching the Nismo Driving Academy high-performance driving school in Japan. Eventually, it will come to the US and Europe but no timetable has been given.