Nissan Replacing Frontier Pickup Truck After More Than A Decade


About. Damn. Time.

The question isn’t why is Nissan still selling a pickup truck that dates back to 2005, but whether its long overdue replacement will be built on the global Navara platform, which also underpins the . Yep, we’re talking about the , the mid-size truck that refuses to die. According to , however, that’ll change within a couple of years as a replacement has just been announced and is slated to be built at Nissan’s production facility in Canton, Mississippi.

That said, Nissan still hasn’t divulged whether or not the next Frontier will be built on the same platform as the Navara. Remember, the Navara also underpins the , which also won’t be sold in the US. As for what the US will eventually receive, there’s still a possibility Nissan will instead update the existing Frontier platform instead. Tack on a completely redesigned body, interior and new engines, and you’re looking at a heavy refresh. This option would make sense for a number of reasons, mainly that it’ll save time and money and, also, the existing platform has proven itself time and again. It may be old, but it ain’t broken; it’s the design inside and out, and engines that need to be replaced.

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Whatever is ultimately decided will need to be done right because as GM has proven with its Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, the mid-size truck segment in the US is making a big comeback. Ford’s upcoming reborn Ranger is further proof. A mid-size pickup truck war amongst these automakers will only benefit anxious buyers.


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