Nissan Creates Six Star Wars-Themed Concepts Promoting The Last Jedi


Sorry Star Wars fans, but they won’t be going on sale.

It’s every Star Wars fanatic’s favorite time of year, as we’re only a couple of weeks away from the theatrical release of The Last Jedi. Nissan is embracing the Star Wars spirit with the unveiling of six new quirky concepts at the LA Auto Show. Each has been inspired by the latest chapter in the long-running saga to get fans excited about the film’s release on December 15. It’s part of the automaker’s ongoing collaboration with Lucasfilm that also .

Nissan has set up “a dramatic display” of “expressive designs and the famous characters and crafts from the upcoming film” at the LA Auto Show. Based on Nissan's most popular models including the Rogue, Rogue Sport, Altima and Maxima, each concept was designed by artists at Lucasfilm and inspired by a craft or character from The Last Jedi film. Artists used techniques including hydro-dipped graphics, surround sound and even aged exterior design to make them look battle-damaged like the movies. The Star Wars-themed Nissan Altima, dubbed the Special Forces TIE Fighter, is inspired by the strike fighter used by the First Order's elite Special Forces pilots.

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Custom body enhancements replicate the ship's design, including a cockpit window, custom wheels featuring the centrepiece of a Tie Fighter wing, and a full-body wrap. Speakers at each corner recreate the iconic Tie Fighter and blaster sounds. Joining the Altima are three Maximas based on Kylo Ren’s face mask, his new Tie Silencer craft, and Captain Phasma's armor. The standout is arguably the Nissan Rogue based on Poe Dameron's X-Wing, with its massive fixed wings spanning either side along with a pair of illuminating thrusters. Quad laser cannons are also integrated into each wingtip and a full-size version of the lovable BB-8 droid sits on top with functioning lights, motion and sound.

Accompanying it is another Rogue inspired by the A-Wing craft, featuring illuminated dual thrusters at the rear and top-mounted fins mimicking the craft's design. Its wheels are painted blue to match the craft's accents and new tires are fitted to provide a wide stance. "We're back this year collaborating with Lucasfilm and the artists at Industrial Light & Magic to create these amazing concept vehicles across some of our best-selling models," said Jeremy Tucker, Marketing Communications & Media of Nissan North America. "These show vehicles were created for our fans, and will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show and shared across the country in regional auto shows over the next several months."

Suffice to say, these concepts are all show cars designed specifically for the LA Auto Show, so they won't be available to the public to buy. Sorry Star Wars fans.