Next-Gen BMW 2 Series Convertible Could Be Cancelled


But the 2 Series Coupe will reportedly remain rear-wheel drive.

If you’re looking for a drop-top BMW, right now the is your most affordable option with pricing starting at $40,750. However, the model could be removed from BMW’s lineup in the near-future. According to , the 2 Series Convertible has reportedly been cancelled for the next-generation model. The publication suggests the 4-Series Convertible and the upcoming Z4 will fill its role, but nothing is official yet. If true, this means the starting price for a BMW convertible will be a lot more expensive.

An entry-level 430i Convertible starts at $52,950, while the previous Z4 started at $49,700. While the fate of the convertible looks uncertain, the 2 Series Coupe will apparently live on and continue to be rear-wheel drive, which seems odd because the 2 Series Gran Coupe will be front-wheel drive according to the report. Since the coupe will retain its rear-wheel drive layout, this means the M240i and M2 will return with the next-generation 2 Series. Convertibles and coupes are becoming a harder sell with buyers more likely to opt for a more practical option like a crossover, so the report that the 2 Series Convertible could be facing the axe isn’t too surprising.

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Not much is known about the next-gen 2 Series Coupe right now, but we know it will adopt BMW's CLAR platform so it should have a lot in common with the next-gen 3 Series. It will probably be a while before it’s unveiled considering BMW launched a minor facelift for the 2 Series Coupe last summer. The was also revealed only a couple of months. Reports suggest the next-gen 2 Series will launch in 2020, though others claim it won’t arrive until 2022.


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