New Mid-Engine Corvette Rumor Seems Like A Big, Fat Lie


The C8 Corvette rumor mill keeps on churning.

After the , it was hotly tipped to be revealed this year at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Then, Chevy quashed all of our dreams when it . Just weeks later, a for what appeared to be a new Corvette model.

Sources said the , so perhaps the electric doors were the culprit. We had finally given up all hope of seeing the new Corvette in Detroit but now a new rumor claims we may get to see it after all.

A called Zerv02 claims there will be a "surprise unveil on the 14th, stay tuned." January 14th is just days away and coincides with the start of the Detroit Auto Show. If the rumor is true, it means we may get to see the mid-engined Corvette earlier than expected. We are a bit skeptical, given that GM publicly announced it wouldn't be revealing any new models.

Still, Zerv02 seems pretty confident in his claims saying, "my source never lets me down." In a previous post, Zerv02 also claimed the mid-engined 'Vette would start at $169,900, which is far higher than any previous model.

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We reached out to Chevy regarding this rumor and a spokesperson told us, "Chevy will not be making any reveals at Detroit this year.”

There is a minuscule chance this means the car will be revealed at a private event off-site, though we suspect the rumor is simply false. If Chevy is just tricking all of us, it would be a clever way to upstage other big reveals like the Shelby GT500 and Toyota Supra.


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