Model Code Leak For 2020 Corvette Reveals Hidden Secrets


The internet will not rest until it uncovers the secret.

Sick of hearing news about the upcoming mid-engined Corvette? Well, there's more. Following false came an explanation that the car's.

The latest tidbit of information about the internet's favorite car comes courtesy of . A user on the forum has reportedly found "some 2020 Stingray coupe and Stingray convertible model codes.”

These refer to the car's internal code designation from Chevy, much like G20 for the BMW 3 Series and A90 for the upcoming Toyota Supra.

Chevy uses different model codes within the car's VIN to designate different Corvette models. The current lineup includes the Stingray Coupe (1YY07), Stingray Convertible (1YY67), Stingray Coupe with Z1 Package (1YX07), Stingray Convertible with Z51 Package (1YX67), Gran Sport Coupe (1YW07), Gran Sport Coupe (1YW67), Z06 Coupe (1YZ07), Z06 Convertible (1YZ67), ZR1 Coupe (1YV07), and ZR1 Convertible (1YV67).

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The new codes for 2020 are 1YC07 for the coupe and 1YC67 for the Convertible. Since these codes have never been used on the C7 generation Corvette, they may be reserved for the upcoming C8 generation car. Another possibility could be a special edition model as a final sendoff for the C7 generation, much like the.

Digging this deep to discover new information about the next Corvette is tricky business as these new model codes could either be our proof of the next-generation Corvette, or just more fool's gold.