Mercedes Planning E63 AMG Coupe


AMG engineer calls the decision not to make an E63 coupe a mistake, but plans to correct that with the next generation.

You can get AMG versions of pretty much everything in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, from the tiny A45 AMG hatchback up to the S65 AMG sedan and even the mighty Gelandewagen. But notably absent from the family is an E63 AMG coupe or convertible. Mercedes-AMG it seems, opted to forgo a two-door E63 out of fear that it would just end up cannibalizing sales from the C63 AMG coupe, the E63 AMG sedan and the CLS63 AMG four-door coupe. That, it now admits, was a mistake.

Speaking with the UK’s PistonHeads website, AMG product manager Gerd Junginger categorized the decision to skip the E-Class coupe in its product planning as an error in hindsight, pointing out that, while there are AMG versions of almost the entire Mercedes-Benz lineup today, the company took a different strategy a few years back when the decision was made. While it’s apparently too late to begin developing an E63 coupe based on the current model, AMG does plan on offering one based on the next-generation model. That, however, is still a few years out.

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