Mercedes-AMG GT Transformed Into 825-HP Beast


RENNtech moves the goalposts waaay down the road.

The Mercedes- has been on sale since 2015 and its superb performance and handling immediately vaulted it to the pointy end of the sports car segment. With the introduction of even more focused C, S and R versions arriving in the intervening years, the has kept pace with newer arrivals and remains a force to be reckoned with. Clearly, was not necessary but someone forgot to tell RENNtech, the renowned Mercedes-Benz performance tuner.

They have released a range of performance modifications for the that are best showcased by the mental flagship 825-bhp R R825. While there are three upgrade options for customers to choose from starting at a ‘mild’ 612-bhp state of tune, depending on the model they start with, they can end up with a that is bordering on hypercar levels of power. While the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 remains, RENNtech updated numerous components, fitting bigger turbochargers, a reprogrammed ECU and raising the speed-limiter. They also add a beefier clutch and transmission components, a good thing when up to 626 lb-ft of torque can be channeled to the rear wheels.

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RENNtech aren’t all about going fast in a straight line either; their development and testing center, based next to the Nurburgring, more easily allows them to develop handling packages too and the GT R featured here also benefits from the latest RENNTech aero package. This comprises of front bumper canards, side rocker panels, large two-stage rear wing and a modified diffuser. These aero updates as well as the in-house designed RPS 10.2 wheels can be fitted to any AMG-GT model. The enhanced visual aggression combined with the performance increase should give this sports coupe the means to dispatch any challengers a ‘regular’ -R already can’t. Not that there are many of those about.