Meet The Fastest Manual Ford Mustang On The Planet

Drag Race

With 1,500 hp on tap, it damn well better be.

Automatic transmissions have long been favored for large luxury cars but in recent years they have permeated the sports car ranks too. Unlike their predecessors though, these new auto ‘boxes are quick and sharp, often outperforming their manual equivalents. Even the current dragstrip hero is auto only.

Yet the more involving nature of a manual gearbox means that some diehard fans refuse to let it go. Yandro, the owner of this bright yellow 1998 Mustang SVT Cobra is one such man. Having purchased the Mustang around four years ago, and started down the modifying path.

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After a few off-the-shelf upgrades including turbo and supercharging, Yanko decided to get serious and had Levin Motorsport custom build a drag strip racer for him. Starting with a standard 4.6-liter V8 fed by two 62mm Precision turbos, a bespoke intake manifold, updated factory heads and a whole host of other modifications resulted in the 1,500 hp monster you see before you.

Yandro may be on his fourth transmission but he is sticking to the manual gearbox regardless. That Racing Channel took a closer look at the finished car, nicknamed the ‘Minion’, its cutesy name is sure to leave a lot of challengers perplexed as it destroys them down the strip.

In addition to the massive power and modified suspension, the Mustang has been stripped out and fitted with the usual safety equipment essential in a car capable of high seven-second quarter-mile runs. Yet despite the rollcage, fire extinguisher and racing harnesses, the car is still street legal. Yandro still drives it around town no doubt adhering to the speed limits at all times.

It could be the ultimate sleeper if it wasn’t for the massive drag tires and enormous bulging hood that clearly can’t contain the custom manifold underneath. The insanely loud exhaust and parachute out back is also.



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