Let's All Laugh As The Toyota 86 Loses To A Minivan In A Drag Race

Drag Race

Could the Chrysler Pacifica be a better sports car than the 86?

Everyone knows that the Toyota 86 has one fatal flaw, a lack of power. Enthusiasts begged Toyota to bring out an affordable sports car with reasonable power at a reasonable price, and all they did was complain about it. Check the comment section on any review of the 86/FRS/BRZ and there will nothing but rants about how the car needs another 50 horsepower. We drove the 86, and we can say that the lack of power than people are making it out to be. We that Toyota is finally making something interesting.

Unfortunately, the 86's lack of power has recently been put on display. Cars.com decided to line up the 86 against the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan. We've always said that the 86 would lose a drag race to a minivan, but actually watching it happen is quite depressing.

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People on the aftermarket have to make the 86 fast, but we think this misses the point. Spending a ton of money to make the car fast would be better spent buying a car that starts off being fast, like a used BMW M3. Instead, we recommend that 86 owners steer clear of the drag strip and do autocross instead. The 86 was clearly not made for drag racing, so we don't think that losing to a minivan is such a big deal. A top fuel dragster would lose in a one-turn race against a Prius, and that's not such a bad thing.


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