Leicester City Players Had To Do This To Stop Keep Mixing Up Their BMW i8s

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When you have the exact same car as everyone else on the team, drastic measures must be taken.

Not so long ago, how the players at the Leicester City Football Club (you know,) had been rewarded for their phenomenal season by being bought their own BMW i8. It was there where we expected the story to end, but there's been a twist that, with the benefit of hindsight, was almost destined to crop up at some point eventually.

The qualm, you ask? Simple: the players keep mixing their i8s up. Which, to be fair, is an easy thing to do in this particular situation. After all, when you've got 19 BMW sports cars in identical colors and with only slight variations in the number plates, it's understandable why the Leicester City team has every now and again misplaced their hybrid Beemer in the stadium's car park. Thankfully for them, a solution has been found - some of the squad have decided to wrap their i8 in order to differentiate them from the others. Now, won't it be hilarious if they all decide to inadvertently follow in the midfielder Jeffrey Schlupp's footsteps and wrap their i8s in matt black?

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