Kids Damage Almost $1 Million Worth Of Exotic Cars


Playing full-size bumper cars doesn't come cheap.

According to , four male juveniles broke into a Houston, Texas CarMax dealership just off the North Freeway in Houston’s North View last Sunday night and caused a total of $800,000 in damages to a variety of expensive cars. Once they broke inside, they then took the keys to over 20 cars and began playing their own version of "bumper cars”.

Fortunately, no-one was injured, but the vehicular victims included a Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, , , , and a . That $800k figure is for now only an estimate as it could increase once the final damage estimates come in.

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A local law enforcement official shared some of the photos he took of the aftermath on and, well, they’re not pretty. And also because they’re young and stupid, it didn’t even occur to the teenagers that their late-night demolition derby would attract attention.

Like any CarMax or regular car dealership, these parking lots are well-lit at night to help prevent situations exactly like this one from happening. It didn’t take too long for police to arrive on the scene. When the teens realized they were about to get caught, they quickly attempted to flee the scene, but couldn’t do so with the cars they were attempting to steal because of the security gates.

Even so, the dealership lot was already secured by police and they had nowhere to flee. Two were caught almost immediately and the second two were arrested at their homes. They are all between the ages of 14 and 16 and have been charged with first-degree felony criminal mischief. Turns out two of them are already known to police. As for the damaged cars, they’re not in a repair shop and the dealer is hoping to salvage what it can.


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