Kia is Seriously Considering a Soul Coupe


And it could even come with a 250-hp turbo four.

Whether it appeals to you or not, the Kia Soul is actually a very smart and well-packaged car for today. It’s affordable, drives well enough and has just the right amount of interior and cargo room for most owners. But this five-door wagon may soon receive a stable mate, a three-door variant. According to Car & Driver, Kia is considering a production version of the Track’ster Concept, essentially a Soul minus the two rear doors.

Powered by a 250 horsepower, turbocharged four-pot, the Track’ster also had a wide-body treatment that gave it a more muscular look. Kia claims that engine will easily fit under the hood if a production version gets the green light. Our educated guess is that Kia will go ahead with this simply because it makes sense. The market for small, yet spacious crossovers has been growing nicely over the past few years in both the US and Europe. And now that Jeep has its new Renegade, Kia would be wise to do something to keep its share of the attention.

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