James May Would Probably Be The Worst Fireman Ever

Motoring TV

Let's be honest here.

The next episode of The Grand Tour is going to be a bit different. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are off to Croatia in the trio’s . Needless to say, it’ll be interesting. And speaking of interesting and typical of the man himself, James May will be showcasing the fire truck he built out of a Lada. Pray he’s not the guy pulling up to the curb if your house ever catches fire. His creation is, in a word, complicated. It’s still cool because James May built the thing, but it’s by no means a modern day fire truck.

It’s a freaking Lada, for goodness sake. Instead of calling the fire department, May figures that he’ll patrol your neighborhood and be on call when he’s needed. You know, like the ice cream truck guy. He even has a siren that doesn’t sound like an emergency vehicle siren.

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In terms of firefighting equipment, May’s Lada has been equipped appropriately. There are fire blankets, hoses, C02 for electrical fires and even a bucket of sand (for what it's worth). His water cannon is the complicated bit. Put it like this: your house is toast if you're relying on this to help.