James May Gets His Hands On An RPG In The Next 'The Grand Tour'


Care to take a guess at whose car James May is blowing up?

After “The Grand Tour” has released the trailer for its next episode. Unlike previous episodes this one looks like a return to the tried-and-true “Top Gear” formula. The guys head to Stuttgart, Germany, to drive what looks to be an Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Mercedes-AMG GT. Both Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson build and drive wacky custom cars. The Acura NSX is tested out on the Eboladrome. Oh, and James May gets to play with an RPG. See, just like the episodes of old!

Yes, there will likely be a cringe-worthy “Celebrity Brain Crash” segment and we’re sure The American will get a turn behind the wheel of the NSX. But despite that this episode looks promising.

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In addition to the stuff mentioned above the video description for the episode trailer says that the guys will be showing how to harness electricity for the cars of the future from “the currently untapped actions of everyday life.” We’re guessing this means a studio section with crazy inventions. Hell, even that doesn’t sound so bad! This episode seems promising. If nothing else we’ll tune in just to see which of the three presenters gets behind the wheel of the NSX. It seems like a car James May would appreciate.


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