Jaguar's Three New Trademarks Spell Electric Vehicles In Its Future

Electric Car

Just in time for the zero emissions law.

Way back when in October of last year there was talk of Jaguar electric SUV called the E-Pace. It would have been an electric version of the upcoming F-Pace SUV. Recently the British carmaker registered three trademarks that appeared on the website of Europe’s Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). The three trademarks are called I-Pace, I-Type and Velar. That last one seems kind of random but it'll make sense later. For right now just know that it comes from "Velare," which is Italian for "to veil/to cover."

After a bit of investigating, it appears that what would make sense is for I-Pace to be the new name of the electric F-Pace. The I-Type could be for an all-electric sports car, like the F-Type. The electric F-Pace is supposed to compete directly with Tesla’s Model X, according to Jaguar. The only name that really stands out is Velar, which was the name of an old Range Rover prototype. Jaguar seems to be going all out in its attempt to create green cars, and to come in line with stringent emission laws worldwide. Luckily the automaker electric vehicles, what with the CX-75 having almost made production and all.

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