Italdesign Teases Something Special For Geneva 2019


VW's design studio turned supercar manufacturer has something new in store for March.

All eyes in the automotive industry are fixed squarely on Detroit this week, but even as that show is in full swing, preparations are already underway for the next big show of the year: Geneva. And among those looking towards the Swiss expo is , which released this teaser image to preview what it has in store for the premier European motor expo.

Now as you can see, the teaser gives us little to go on. We appear to be looking at the rear quarter of some new sports car from above, with deep air intakes and a large rear glass panel.

At any rate, from what we can see so far – to say nothing of the design house's own track record – we bet it'll be pretty hot.

Italdesign was founded by – one of the most celebrated designers in the business – back in 1968. Today it's part of the Volkswagen Group, and designs both its own line of supercars, the odd concept for other marques under the same umbrella, and even projects for other automakers. Just what it has in store for Geneva, we don't know at this early point.

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Something tells us, though, that it'll be closer to home than, say, the it designed for Nissan, or the it did for a Chinese upfitter.

Under VW's patronage, the design house launched the Automobili Speciali Italdesign division less than two years ago, giving birth to the supercar (borrowing building blocks from the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan) and the (a roadster version of the same). Could it be preparing to open the next chapter in Switzerland? We'll have to wait to find out. The show is set to open at the Geneva Palexpo on March 5.


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