Is This The F1-Inspired McLaren BP23 Hypercar?

Spy Video

A McLaren BP23 hypercar prototype has possibly been spotted in London.

After enjoying its , McLaren’s success looks set to continue in the coming years. The P1 was an era-defining hypercar, and soon it will be joined by several new Ultimate Series hypercars. As well as the which the automaker is touting as its most extreme road car ever, McLaren is also working on a spiritual successor to the legendary F1. Codenamed the BP23, the "Hyper-GT" will adopt a similar three seat layout and central driving position.

It will also be a grand-tourer and is being described as “the fastest ever McLaren” though it isn’t clear if that includes the Senna. As well as a few teaser sketches, McLaren has previously shared photos of a BP23 camouflaged test mule based on the 720S being driven by chief test driver Chris Goodwin who .

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A new spy video has emerged showing what looks like the same 720S-based BP23 prototype patrolling the streets of central London. As the video speculates, it could also just be a 720S test car for winter tires or a mule for the upcoming 720S spider variant. Look closely however, and you can see that the license plate is very similar to the 720S-based BP23 prototype McLaren showed off last year. It also doesn’t have a third seat, so it could be an early BP23 prototype mule which would make sense since the car isn’t expected to launch until 2019. Like all McLarens, the BP23 will use the MonoCage carbon fiber chassis which we expect will be further imrpvoed for the three-seater grand-tourer.

Being a McLaren Ultimate Series, it will most likely adopt a hybrid powertrain like the P1 featuring the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that debuted in the 720S along with an electric motor to produce a combined output of over 1,000-hp. Only 106 McLaren BP23s are being produced, and they’ve all been sold already. Coincidentally, test prototypes of the McLaren Senna were also recently spotted in the UK, and it .



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