Is It Crazy To Ask $320k For A Custom Range Rover That Hasn't Been Tuned?


The Overfinch London Edition looks great but is quite pricey.

British tuner Overfinch . The tuned and visually improved model was listed at $260,000. Now there’s a chance to spend even more money on an Overfinch Range Rover with its latest creation, the Overfinch Rage Rover London Edition. This car is similar to its other creation, the Manhattan Edition. For that model the New York skyline was grafted into the interior detailing along with a host of other New York-inspired symbols.

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For the London Edition it’s much the same. The Range Rover’s dashboard trimming now shows off a bunch of London’s famous landmarks, such as the London Eye, the Pineapple and the Shard, among other buildings. This can also be found in the doors and the center console. The craftsmanship is hand crafted and simply brilliant. The result is pure opulence being made from veneer, abalone shell, mother of pearl and stainless steel. If you look closely, there’s even a small red double decker bus as seen on London’s streets. Added to the special trimming is a complete makeover of the interior. It's now even more luxurious, something you wouldn’t think possible in a Range Rover.

For the exterior, Overfinch added a custom body kit that includes carbon fiber body styling bits, including the grille, side vents, roof spoiler, mirrors and a rear diffuser that surrounds a pair of cast Overfinch tail pipes. Custom badges are also added to let you know the company has had its hands on the car and a "One of One" badge shows its exclusivity. The looks are finished off with a set of 22-inch Overfinch Tora wheels. We like, but do we like enough to spend $320,000?