Is Ford Planning To Show The 2020 Bronco Tomorrow?


Ford on Thursday will lay bare its 24-month profitability plan and show future product in Detroit.

Ford, at a special briefing planned for Thursday, will lay out its plan to become a more profitable and competitive automaker over the next 24 months. The event, called “Ford Uncovered.” will reportedly give guests a glimpse at how the company plans to arrange itself in a market at the precipice of a sales plateau and what products it plans to introduce and discontinue in the near future. What's Ford's most anticipated future product? You got it. Bronco.

reported Ford will outline its product offensive as it seeks to grow its share of the pickup and SUV segments, according to a source close to the briefing plan. The Blue Oval will also demonstrate how it will tackle electrification and other technology areas for the future. The session on Thursday and a later one focused on the company's first-quarter financials are meant to shore up confidence in the company amid its stagnant share price by showing a plan to increase near-term profits as a way to fund its electrification plans. The Blue Oval recently forecasted lower profits for this year versus 2017.

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Bronco's return could be a sales boon for the company, which has more heavily focused on trucks and SUVs as of late. Ford's Fiesta subcompact is expected to be dropped from the lineup in the next year or two, the Focus is rumored to be on its last breath for the North American market, and Fusion is also on the ropes as it competes in America's fastest shrinking automotive segment. Even Honda dealers have had difficulties moving the all new, award-winning Accord from lots as they sit on 100-day- inventory levels. Bronco itself will be based on the . Rumors have swirled regarding its design, which have mainly been speculative until now.

Some sources have stated it will be similar to the Australian-market Everest, an SUV that also uses the Ranger as its basis, while others have said it will be closer to the Bronco of yore or the Brazilian-market Troller, but with four doors instead of two. Bronco will be built alongside Ranger in Ford's in Wayne, MI, that previously assembled the Focus and C-MAX. A top-shelf Bronco, , could find power in . It's also been rumored .



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