How To Transform An Ordinary Corvette Stingray Into An Epic Z06


Christmas is coming early for Corvette owners.

Ever wanted a Corvette Z06 but didn't have the $80,000 to plunk down on one? Now Chevy is letting you compromise by introducing a new line of for the $55,000 Corvette Stingray, with the menu consisting of the guts that make the Z06 the track . While you still have to settle for 460 horsepower versus the Z06’s 650 ponies you can get all of the other goodies, including: the aerodynamic kit, cooling system upgrades, the Z06’s brakes, and track-optimized suspension.

A level three aero package supplies the Z06’s rear spoiler as well as larger end plates on the front splitter. Combined with the Z06 front grill, the Stingray sees an increase in downforce. Cooling supplements include a 600-watt radiator fan, a secondary radiator kit, Z06 quarter panel vents, a rear transmission oil cooler, an upgraded prop shaft heat shield, and a front brake cooling kit in case you’re serious about lap times. Add in carbon fiber parts like a prop shaft and underbody braces to the larger Z06 brakes and suspension to complete the transformation...minus 190 horsepower and badges. Buyers can opt for any combination of these upgrades in order to fit their budgets.

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Adding all of these upgrades will cost you $18,424, landing you at a total of $73,424. While this might seem like a steep price to pay for a glorified Stingray, keep in mind that the Corvette is still a bargain when .