How The Hell Does The New Camaro SS Get 28 MPG??

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That’s better than the Mustang GT.

Since the first official photos of the sixth-genCamaro were released by Chevrolet, this iconic muscle car has receivedpraise for its new styling, , andmuch more. Now, the new Camaro has shown itself to possess another admirabletrait: fuel efficiency. If your plan withthe new V8 Camaro is to hoon and burn off back tires, this won’t apply to you.But if you’re considering the 2016 SS and intend to drive like insurancecompanies would want you to, you’re in for some pretty unbelievable gas mileage.

Fuel efficiency is not something you’d expect ifyou’re looking for ferocious V8 power, but the new EPA 28 mpg rating on the2016 Camaro SS challenges that notion. According to recent test results publishedby the EPA, this V8 muscle car will get you 17 mpg in the city and about 28 mpgon the highway, if you’re using the (optional) automatic eight-speedtransmission. That’s four mpg better than the previous-gen 2015 Camaro SS. The V8in the 2016 is no slouch, either. It lays down 455 hp 6.2-liter LT1 engine that you’ll find in the base Corvette Stingray.Like the Vette, the new SS has cylinderdeactivation technology that can shut off four cylinders when there’s no needfor high-performance driving.

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The EPA says that the average mpg for themanual transmission version of the new SS is 16 when you’re in the city and 25 on thehighway. The Ford Mustang GT, for reference, puts out 435 hpwith its 5.0-liter V8. The Stang gets 15/25 mpg for stick shift models and16/25 mpg when equipped with an automatic transmission.