How Many Dealerships Will Let You Buy A Car In Pennies?


A scientific question worth asking.

Most people, in one way or another, give back to the world by working hard and playing integral roles in the lives of their loved ones. Some, the Mother Teresas, Martin Luther Kings, and Nelson Mandelas, go to the extremes to ensure they leave behind a world that’s better off because of their existence. Others choose to fight smaller battles, such as the group of Americans that advocate for the elimination of the penny. Without glossing it over, the penny is pretty obsolete. Most of us wouldn’t even stop walking to pick one up off the ground.

And then there's these guys. Young YouTube channel owners that want interesting content for their pages and do so by pulling off stunts like taking a 2,256-mile Uber ride or buying a $12,000 car using only pennies. For this adventure, we follow Mr. Beast as him and his crew pull off the latter stunt.

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In order to gear up for it, Beast and friends had to hit just about every bank in Greenville, North Carolina in order to get enough pennies for the job. Physically bringing those pennies into the dealership was a feat on its own that involved three wheelbarrows and two willing friends. Surprisingly, Capital Subaru in Greenville was okay with trading the 2014 Jeep Patriot with only a few thousand miles on the odometer for the heavy bunches of currency. Maybe it was for promotional reasons or maybe they’re the antithesis of all those penny haters, but either way at least the customers left happy.



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