Hooning An 800 HP Bug Through San Diego Is So Incredibly Badass


Not to mention naughty.

There are many ways to modify old VW Beetles, but we’ve taken particular interest as to what these guys have done with theirs. The formula is very simple: ditch the original engine and drop in a supercharged LS V8 with around 800 hp. Then jack the body up with an off-road dune-buggy inspired suspension, wheels and tires, and let her rip. No, not off-road, but through the streets of San Diego, California. And somehow these guys managed to avoid (as far as we know) any law enforcement while filming their urban shenanigans.

Doubtful this is what the original Beetle’s German designers and engineers had in mind back in the 1930s, but hey, this is what America is for, right?

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