Here's Why Volkswagen Is Still Completely Fine After Dieselgate

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The company just produces a record number of cars.

With all of the news surrounding the , you'd think the Volkswagen Group would be struggling to sell cars. Perhaps not so unsurprisingly, the scandal didn't hurt VW too badly because it still finished as the best-selling automaker in 2016. This success has trickled into 2017 as the company has continued to pump out cars at a massive pace. In fact, Volkswagen produced its in 2017, a Golf GTE plug-in hybrid. 2017 has clearly been great for VW as the company is on pace to build six million cars this year.

VW may have been helped out by its recent product offensive. In the past year, it has release new models such as the Atlas, Arteon and T-Roc, but the company says that its strong sales year was driven by established models like the Jetta, Golf, Passat, Polo and Chinese market Santana. Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand said that "More than six million vehicles produced in 12 months - there is one thing that this shows above all: our plants and employees are continually improving their production competence. We have top teams in production which successfully master growing demand from customers."

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The Volkswagen brand now produces vehicles at 50 plants in 14 countries. We expect these numbers will only increase as VW moves towards building its that'll begin arriving in dealerships in the next couple of years. Some people were worried that VW couldn't survive Dieselgate, but it looks like the company is doing just fine.



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