Get Ready To Deck Out Your Hyundai With N Performance Parts

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Like BMW M and Mercedes-AMG, N will continue to grow.

We have been greatly anticipating the arrival of Hyundai's first N model for the U.S. market, the Veloster N. The car's European sibling, the i30 N, is already selling so well Hyundai is considering increasing the production volume. So far, we have received little information about a second N model to follow up on the Veloster. Early rumors indicate the next N , possibly the . Hyundai is keeping its model lineup close to the chest, but the company has revealed some .

It doesn't seem like the N badge will be placed on every Hyundai model any time soon, but the company does have plans to bring sporty N flavor across the lineup. In addition to the high performance N models, Hyundai will also sell N Line Vehicles akin to M Sport or AMG Sport. These pseudo N cars will have "new design and performance enhancing elements and N Option, customization parts by N, which is available for the entire Hyundai line-up." Hyundai didn't give details about which N parts will be offered, but we can assume options such as wheels, spoilers, and interior trim will all be available to spice up standard Hyundai models.

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The N Line vehicles could receive a performance bump over standard models, though they won't be as sporty as fully fledged N cars. We don't know where this leaves current models like the Elantra Sport, which may end up being replaced with an N Line model. No matter what models end up receiving the N Line treatment, it seems like Hyundai is committed to keeping sporty cars in its lineup, which is fantastic news.



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