German Dealerships Already Marking Up Lamborghini Urus Prices


They just couldn't resist, could they?

If you’re in the market for a Lamborghini Urus, then you’d better get in line. Wealthy buyers are going to want one, so first model year demand will undoubtedly outrank supply. Lamborghini couldn’t be happier. And when there’s demand, everything from dealership markups to selling build slots will happen. And, lo and behold, the latter is already underway by a pair of German dealerships. is advertising two Lamborghini Urus SUVs for sale, one of which is a build slot while the other is for one that’s already been spec’d.

Both are . Due for delivery in September 2018, Blue Astraeus exterior paint, Arancio Leonis sportive bi-color leather interior, 22-inch wheels, panoramic sunroof, massage seats, along with the Carbon and Body Styling Color packages. The price is 341,530 euros, including tax (around $407,500). The , however, is being offered for 330,000 euros, including tax ($393,700, give or take a few bucks). Of course, that price will go up once the buyer starts adding options. The dealership claims it’ll be one of its kind on European roads, and will supposedly arrive five months after the initial order is placed.

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Looking at those prices and you’ll probably notice both are markups because of course they would be. The Urus will base at around $200,000 in the US and 171,430 euros. But these dealerships believe, and they’re probably right, some buyers are anxious enough and willing to pay a premium to be among the first to have one. Status matters for the super-rich.



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